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Combo / Bouncy Castles

Orange Castle

Have a blast on the orange castle.

Jump, laugh and have a great time!

$200 + tax | 4 hours

Princess' Carriage

Treat your princess to a carriage of her dreams!
The princess carriage combo (also know as " the princess glitter pink rainbow unicorn carriage") is what every princess needs! And yes... It's made of glitter pink!
Up to 7 players.
Measures: 23ft long x14ft wide x 13ft high
Requires at least one princess on board!
$255 + tax | 4 hours

New Spiderman Combo

Spiderman, Spiderman does what ever spiderman does!

Bounce and play slide and laugh!

Jump play and slide with our 3D Spiderman combo bouncy castle!

Suitable for 6-7 players.

Measures: 17ft x 16ft x 15ft

$240 + tax | 4 hours

New Dragon Combo

Enter the dragon's lair!

Bounce and jump... but when you slide out watch out for the dragon's head!

Measures at: 20ft x 15ft x 17ft

$245 + tax | 4 hours

Disco Dome

Party time! 

Disco light and bluetooth speakers will make this unit the center of the party! 

17ft diameter and hugh amount  of happiness!  Get your moves on

$260 + tax | 4 hours

Paw Patrol

Come join the paw patrol in the command center! jump, slide and have fun. Just don't forget to YELP for help!
$245 + tax | 4 hours


come play at sparky the fire dog house!  enjoy a large bouncing area and a fun slide and even a basketball hoop to practice your shots!
Unit size: 16ft. x 20ft. x 19ft.
$240 + tax | 4 hours


Especially for the little super heroes!

Jump and crawl through the tunnel and navigate your way through the obstacle course to your final destination: the slide! 

Hours of super fun for your little super hero

$250 + tax | 4 hours


Your Princess' kingdom is never complete without this castle. Including a large jumping area, basketball hoop and a slide for super extra magical time!

*Unicorn not included.

$240 + tax | 4 hours

Fire Truck Bouncer

Come play inside the funnest firetruck bouncy castle in the whole world! This fun firetruck will fit in most backyards and is great for inside locations!

Unit size: 14ft. x 13ft. x 12ft.

$200 + tax | 4 hours

Bounce and Slide

17ft. high, includes a free enclosed jumping area and a large slide.
A 25ft.x35ft. flat area is required for setting up this unit.
$285 + tax | 4 hours
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