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Inflatable Screen

Inflatable Screen - Entertainment Equipment Rentals

Watch your favorite movie, TV show or even play  video games!  

Our screen is air-tight, which means no blower running in the back, so you can actually hear the movie.

Size: 39"x30" 

Screen size: 36"x32"

$250 + tax | 4 hours


Projector - Entertainment Equipment Rentals

1080HD Projector

$145 + tax | 4 hours

PA / Sound System

PA / Sound System - Entertainment Equipment Rentals
$145 + tax | 4 hours


Streamin Device - Entertainment Equipment Rentals

Stream your  favorite shows, UFC fights and NHL, NFL,MLB games! 

Hook it up to our projector and watch it on our big screen!  

*Wifi and own subscription required

$20 + tax | 4 hours

Super Nintendo

Supr Nintendo - Entertainment Equipment Rentals

Feeling retro?  Have a blast from the past!

Play your favorite games on a huge screen!

$35 + tax | 4 hours

Bubble Machine

Supr Nintendo - Entertainment Equipment Rentals

The bubbletron makes 1000's of bubbles and with the help of the built in fan, the fly EVERYWHERE! it's like magic....

 Bubble machine + 2 fluid containers
$35 + tax | 4 hours

Movie Night Deal





Sound System




Popcorn Machine

$500 + tax | 4 hours

*Private, in home parties only, for other events or longer events, please contact us.

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