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Mobile Virtual Reality

from $250 + tax

Explore the ocean, travel anywhere

or play fun interactive and exciting  games.


to be Amazed

Imagine you can go anywhere... Deep in the ocean or high among the stars.


Imagine visiting the Great Wall of China and the Eifal Tower within moments.


Our bungee basketball is a unique exciting game. Not only are you going to try and reach the end, but you also have to put the ball in the basket. Can you make it?

It's a major attraction for any event. From corporation events to school fundraisers, our bungee basketball is a sure hit!

Get Excited

Imagine you fight zombies or shot  alian ships that come to destroy you.


Become a Light Saber Master or have a dance off!

Now it's a Reality


With our mobile virtual reality unit you won't have to wish for your dreams to come true. It's all coming to life right in front of your very eyes!

  • Unique experience

  • Fun learning tool

  • No wires to limit movement

  • a large selction of games and experiences to fit any wish.


Starting at $250 + tax: 2 hours for 2 stations incl. attendant.

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