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Water Combo & Slides

New Marble Crush

Jump and play, slide and splash!

Unit measures at: 32ft x 13ft x 15ft

Dry | $245 + tax | 4 hours
Wet | $265 + tax | 4 hours

The Fun Castle

This castle is everything you ever wanted a bouncy castle to be: fun, large, inflatable and have we mentioned, fun?
The fun castle stands above the rest.
Unit measures at: 32ft x 15ft × 15ft
Dry | $245 + tax | 4 hours
Wet | $265 + tax | 4 hours

Big Blue

Our big blue features a 12x12ft. jumping area and a fun slide! In the hot summer days it can be a cooling water slide. A 30x20ft. flat area is required for setting up this unit.

245 + tax | 4 hours

Tiki Water Slide


Come slide in our tiki slide.

standing 17ft tall this slide is some serious fun! You can use it either as a dry slide or a WATER SLIDE  with an add-on pool.

Unit size: 33ft. x 11.5ft. x 17ft.

Dry | $240 + tax | 4 hours
Wet | $285 + tax | 4 hours

Super Slip n' Slide

Standing at 26ft, this is our tallest castle and it features a double lane slide.
Choose your setup:
1) Too hot? need a cool down? Pick the super slide with a water slide option, adding 25ft. of super fun, super wet and super slippery slip n' slide! includes a pool of water at the end for a refreshing landing. (15ft.X59ft.X26ft.)
2) No need for a water slide? no problem! The super slide can be used as a regular slide, which is just as much fun and has a shorter setup time. (15ftX30ft.X26ft.)
Slip n' Slide | $375 + tax | 4 hours
With Bumper | $280 + tax | 4 hours
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