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Inflatable Slides

Mega Slide

Triple is so much better! 

Our TRIPLE  SLIDE stand an outstanding 35ft tall and 41ft long!  

It's the only triple slide on Vancouver island! 

Great unit for any event,fun fair or a fundraiser. 

$485 + tax | 4 hours

Super Slide

Standing at 26ft, this is our tallest castle and it features a double lane slide.
Choose your setup:
1) Too hot? need a cool down? Pick the super slide with a water slide option, adding 25ft. of super fun, super wet and super slippery slip n' slide! includes a pool of water at the end for a refreshing landing. (15ft.X59ft.X26ft.)
2) No need for a water slide? no problem! The super slide can be used as a regular slide, which is just as much fun and has a shorter setup time. (15ftX30ft.X26ft.)
Slip n' Slide | $350 + tax | 4 hours

Tiki Slide


Come slide in our tiki slide.

standing 17ft tall this slide is some serious fun! You can use it either as a dry slide or a WATER SLIDE  with an add-on pool.

Unit size: 33ft. x 11.5ft. x 17ft.

Dry | $240 + tax | 4 hours
Wet | $285 + tax | 4 hours

Fire Truck Slide

Slide down the fire truck! put on your imaginary firefighter hat and take the slide to rescue your friends!
Unit size: 22ft. x 9ft. x 15ft.
$225 + tax | 4 hours
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