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Interactive Games

Leap Ball

Are you brave enough? Take a leap!

4 mega balls to leap on.

So... Will you make it to the other side?


Suitable for ages 6 and up.

Unit measures at: 40ft L x 15ft w x 15ft h

$390 + tax | 4 hours

Shooting Game

Ready.... Aim.... Fire!

Try to knock the floating balls!

It's harder than you think :)

With Archery | $220 + tax | 4 hours
With Nerf guns | $200 (2 guns & 40 darts)

Extreme Obstacle Course

You've been challenged!

Try your best in our extreme obstacle course.

Excellent unit for school fairs, fun fairs, fundraising and public events.

Unit measures at: 35ft x 25ft x 17ft

$395 + tax | 4 hours


No introduction needed...

The inflatable platform gives the classic game a special bounce to entertain you and your friends in a whole new way. Watch as players struggle to hold their contorted positions, and hilarity will surely ensue! Find out who is the most flexible or best balanced with this fun inflatable Twister board!

$200 + tax | 4 hours

Sports Arena

The new sports arena is here!

Great unit for team building and beating your opponents. Perfect for fun fairs, fundraising events or just out of the box exercise! This bottomless unit offer many combinations and hours of fun!


A massive unit:  56ft long x 36ft wide

Arena + 2 10ft Zorb balls | $445 + tax | 4 hours
Arena + 8 bumper balls | $445 + tax | 4 hours


1-on-1 basketball game.

Can you beat you opponent? Practice your way to NBA stardom!

Measurements: 10ft x 14ft

$220 + tax | 4 hours

Foam Pit

20ft x 18ft wet foam pit - the ultimate fun machine.

Our foam is non-stain and hypoallergenic.

The process is for 2 hours of extreme foam with attendant.

$280 + tax | 2 hours

Foot Dart

Come and try your best shot! 

This foot dart game stands 12ft tall and you have the option of using a soccer ball or mega hand darts! 

The balls and darts are covered with velcro and will stick to the target.

This unit is air tight, so it does not require  a constant blower running, that means its great for indoor games as well as outdoor! 

$220 + tax | 4 hours

Zorb Balls

Some call them zorb balls, some call them human hampster balls, we call them  a whole lot of fun!

Our zorb balls are 3m diameter and 2.3m inside (thats over 6ft standing height!) of rolling fun for every fun fair, school event, public event or just having a blast in your back yard!

2 balls | $280 + tax | 4 hours

Bumper Balls

Bump, You're it!

Play tag or soccer, or simply just bump into your friends.

Bumper balls fit teenagers and adults.

Rental includes 4 bumper balls.

$260 + tax | 4 hours

Dunk Tank

Dank or be dunked! 

The ultimate dunk tank is the best addition to every event! From fundraiser and fun fairs to just getting even.

$290 + tax | 4 hours

Obstacle Course

Enter the  DANGER ZONE! 

Challange yourself or compete against each other, this versatile obstacle course can be set up as a U-Turn  style or or as a straight run.

Suitable for ages 5 and up.

Unit sizes:

U turn 26ft wide x 35ft long x 17ft tall

Straight 17ft wide x  65ft long x 17ft tall

$520 + tax | 4 hours

Jousting Rink

4 person jousting arena for when you want to battle your friends (or your enemies...) till the bitter end, or at least until your next ice cream break.

Rink is 25ft. X 25ft. and is suitable for up to 4 fighters at a time

$260 + tax | 4 hours

Sumo Suits

Batman VS. Superman Sumo Suits. Let the epic battle begin. CHoose your hero and battle on!

Sumo suits fit teenagers and adults.

Rental includes 2 suits and a battle mat.

$200 + tax | 4 hours

Giant Games

Spice up your party with these giant games suitable for indoor or outdoor parties 

  • Giant Connect 4

  • Giant Jenga 

  • Giant Chutes and ladders 

  • Giant Yardzee 

  • Beanbag Toss (with led light for after dark) 

  • Ring Toss

$180 + tax | 4 hours | all 6 games
Individual games available upon request

Slap Shot

He shoots... he scores! 

come help Team Canada and give it your best shot!

Our all new hockey challenge slap shot will be the center of attention at your event. It's great for promotions, fundraisers, fun fairs and even if you want to let your team practice in a fun way.

Comes with 6 balls and hockey sticks.

$220 + tax | 4 hours

Bungee Basketball


Our bungee basketball is a unique exciting game. Not only are you going to try and reach the end, but you also have to put the ball in the basket. Can you make it?

It's a major attraction for any event. From corporation events to school fundraisers, our bungee basketball is a sure hit!

$250 + tax | 4 hours

Wrecking Ball

There are no friends inside the wrecking ball rink! 4 contestants enter, but only one will win! Balance on the stand and knock your opponents down with a huge wrecking ball! 

this unit is limited to 7yo and up.

Unit size: 20ft. in diameter

$260 + tax | 4 hours

Giant Pong

Size matters!

Giant pong only from Inflatafun VI.

Upsize your pong :)

$90 + tax | 4 hours
Longer rental available
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